Fog Master JR

Small utility fogger for for those "in between" jobs -- too small for an industrial unit, too large for a trigger sprayer or pump-up.
TRI-JET Fogger Is a "cold fogger" -- it handles both water- and oil-based solutions -- and has a one-turn control knob to adjust particle size and degree of misting.

Micro-Jet ULV 7401


The Fogmaster Micro-Jet ULV 7401 fogger allows precise adjustment of particle size, under 7 micron VMD, for ultra low volume application.

Noz-L-Jet 7807

The Fogmaster Noz-L-Jet(TM) 7807 fogger features a hose and wand with discharge control. Lightweight and portable, it allows "spot" fogging without filling the room or wasting chemical.

Pow-R-Jet DM 6329

Large volume users will find the automatic dispersal of the Pow-R-Jet DM 6329 unit an easy, affordable method of fogging.


Pow-R-Jet 6309


The Fogmaster Pow-R-Jet 6309 features automatic dispersion in an easy, one-step operation. Liquid is discharged at about 10 oz/min as a heavy, wet fog that settles quickly. An optional flow restriction orifice allows the fogger to operate at a lower (but still fixed) flow rate in order to produce finer droplets.
Sewr-Jet 4180 The remote discharge of the Sewr-Jet TM 4180 makes it ideal for odor control in hard-to-reach locations. Its tiny fog particles, with their vast surface area for efficient gas contact, yield high removal rates at low chemical cost.
Pow-R-Jet Plus DM 6428 The Pow-R-Jet Plus DM 6428 is mechanically identical to the durable 6329 model, but includes a one-turn control valve to allow you to adjust liquid output (0-10 oz/min) and droplet size (intermediate fog to heavy wet fog). Higher flows produce larger droplets.