Farming is the most important industry in our Great Nation!!  If it wasn't for farmers most of the world would starve!!  Yet we continuously impose more and more regulations that cause them to invest money and time in order to meet these requirements.  It is Premium Sales & Service, LLC's goal to help them with their challenges such as:


  • "Odor Control"  Farms are increasingly being encroached by civilization causing them to cease production or invest in costly processes in order to co-exist with neighboring communities. 

  • "Waste Management" Regulations today are limiting the use of farm waste as a method of nutrient management.  These regulations are causing some dairy farmers to pay for disposal of their waste or invest in costly waste water treatment facilities such as lagoons.

  • "Biological Poultry Litter Treatment" Poultry farmers are constantly under the gun to increase their production in order to compete with external demands and diseases contributing to increased mortality throughout their flocks.

  •  "Composting Acceleration" Farmers are required to store excess poultry litter or cow manure in designated compost facilities / adequate water shed storage for long periods of time.  These storage units are not adequate to properly allow compost to fully de-compose into a palatable nutrient.  If allowed to properly de-compose, these farmers could introduce this high grade nutrient commercially or to individual consumers.

Should you have similar challenges that were addressed above.  Contact Premium Sales & Service, LLC for "Next Generation Environmental Solutions"!