Odor Control

For The 21st Century"

    We have all encountered at times,  wondering where a profound stench was resonating from.  In the past we have had to accept nuisance odors and classify them as unavoidable.  However, times have changed and today's society will not tolerate undesirable smells coming from; industry, waste treatment facilities, agriculture etc...

    As a result many companies are marketing "quick fix" products that do not control odors but cover up the smell by masking some what.  In some instances the masking agent employed, reacts with the odor, creating a new pungent and  less desirable aroma.  In addition, chemicals normally used, cause additional concerns such as, environmental problems, health hazards, safety challenges, and the list increases.  Today's cost conscience and quality driven consumers are requiring products to meet higher quality standards, must be safe, environmentally friendly and economical.

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