Waste Water Treatment


Our treatment utilizes Bioaugmentation   process! This  process uses highly concentrated, non-pathogenic, extremely adaptive microbes specifically selected and tailored for each customer's waste management system.  These microbes when properly dispersed into the waste stream can enhance your waste management by:


  • Accelerate system startups to achieve steady-state operation in days as opposed to weeks.
  •  Enhance removal of pass-through or difficult-to-degrade compounds(surfactants, solvents, FOG's, petroleum hydrocarbons, etc).
  •  Improve BOD and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal efficiency.
  • Sludge reduction through increased enzymatic activity on biodegradable solids.
  • Foam reduction due to degradation of surfactants and de-stabilization of   filamentous bacteria.Odor reduction due to greater degradation of odor-causing compounds (H2S, mercaptans, amines, volatile fatty acids, etc.).
  • Improved solid settling by destabilizing filamentous organisms.
  • Other benefits include improved nitrification (ammonia removal), polymer reduction, greater oxygen transfer efficiency, and less costly alternative to retrofitting plant in some cases.









"Reduce Costly Lift Station Clean outs"



Genzyme Bio-Block     manufactured for Premium Sales & Service. A Powerful bacterial cultures and enzyme block that breaks down FOG in wet wells and  lift stations.

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