Headquartered in the Memphis, Tennessee, area, Premium Sales & Service (PSS) began operations in 1998 catering to the national hospitality industry in the areas of odor control and air quality.  From air quality it was a natural progression to other environmental areas and issues.  Since the company moved to Arkansas in 2001, the emphasis has been on issues that are inherent to that state, but have implications in practically every locale. 

      Currently, the focus has been on the development of products that improve the efficiency of waste water treatment (Bio-Augmentation), and products that improve the quality of chicken litter (Bio-Mediation).  The proprietary products are developed and marketed by PSS/EAS Services. The protocols for their use are unique and innovative to their markets, the results are impressive.  EAS Services with its staff of biochemists and support personnel are continuously upgrading their products and procedures with the goal of anticipating the demands of the ever-changing market.