Compost Acceleration 





Compost -  consists of organic material decaying through biological means.  The biological media, are normally various types of bacteria that virtually feed until they cannot eat anymore or their food source has been depleted. 

Natural Compost – requires the use of bacteria that occur naturally during the compost process. 

Accelerated Compost – is the use of adaptive non-pathogenic bacteria in large numbers to increase compost decay and decrease the idle time between start to finish.  This is very important, if one is looking at saving process time and desires to use or sell for its fertilizing qualities. 

 Adaptive bacteriaShould not be confused with genetic engineered bacteria! Adaptive bacteria are those found in the wild state that have adapted to specific food source.  These specialized bacteria were then collected and reproduced in large quantities for special applications.  One particular example of adaptive bacteria, are those that are used to clean up oil contamination or to aid in removing oil from wells.  These bacteria were grown and only fed on a specific diet relative to their feeding habits such as oil. 

  Unlike their wild cousins these bacteria were nurtured and fed a specific diet without starvation.  Since these bacteria were constantly introduced to a specific food source, they have become “specific food dependent”!  This means they are highly trained, ready and willing when introduced to their favorite food source. 

Let say quantitatively, you collect numerous types of bacteria that will rapidly feed on what ever type, of food source they are best adapted for.  You then selectively choose the ones best suited for the type of compost mixture you have.  If properly collected and stored, these bacteria can be introduced to the mixture in large quantities and like a " food eating contest" devour huge amounts of their specialized food group at an accelerated pace.  Hence forth creating an "Accelerated Compost" degradation.

We Can Help!! 

 Our treatment and process uses multi-adaptive blend of specific non-pathogenic bacteria blended for COMPOST.  Since not all compost mixtures are alike we may recommend one or both of our products and process.  The two products are, PSS Formula 70 & PSS Breakdown