Poultry litter beds are infested with harmful bacteria. Our Premium Poultry “BioTreat” Program introduces billions of NON-PATHOGENIC adaptive bacteria into the litter. These helpful bacteria compete with known disease-causing bacteria for food, and due to the increased numbers of non-pathogenic bacteria, the pathogenic bacteria are virtually starved out. The result is a rejuvenated litter bed that gives the chick a healthy growth environment. Years of . Field testing and hundreds of grow out experiences have proven chicks that have had the benefit of the Premium Poultry “Bio-Treat ”Program will exhibit an increase livability, less condemned weight, better feed conversion, target weight quicker, pathogen free environment, less caking, fuel saving to farmer, ammonia reduction, less cleanouts, etc.

Premium “Bio-Treat”Poultry Blend is comparable in price with the standard poultry litter treatment found today. Altering the litter pH to help with ammonia is a quick fix but the litter conditions are jeopardized. Re-conditioning the litter for future land application, composting, etc. and helping control diseased bacteria will make a huge environmental impact not just the State of Ark but also all that use our treatment. Below are approximate costs (which includes application) in relation to the size of poultry houses to be treated:


                      Premium Poultry "BioTreat" Program



Litter Treatment takes place before top dress ,and after de-cake, tilling, etc.at approximately 5 days prior to placement of chicks. Ammonia gas off takes 2 to 4 days when applied to existing litter. Heating of Poultry house 48 hours prior to placement of chicks encouraged for optimal success .Litter conditions will include better friability and dryer beds.

Cost is calculated per 100 linear feet of poultry house. There will be 15 gallons of Proprietary Premium Poultry Blend Mix applied to this 100 linear foot section.  Contact your local PSS Distributor or call 800-413-2092 for pricing in your area.