EXPEL Odor Control For The 21st Century


All Clean Is Not hazardous, and is an environmentally responsible, concentrated product, designed to readily dilute to replace a multitude of cleaning agents around home and office.




Is EXPEL Detergent Disinfectant is a Hospital Grade Product. It is a proven cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer, virucide, mildew stat, and fungicide.


GT200  Microbial Treatment for Grease Traps, Septic Tanks.......


PSS-110 Is used to reduce toxicity caused by sulfides.......


PSS SUPER"B" Concentrated microbial blend for wastewater & Poultry.....


TRBC WSP  500 Microbial Blend for Septic Tanks and Packaged Systems.


PSS- 70  Microbial Compost Accelerator.


PSS Yucca 70% Extract


Extract from the Yucca cactus blended with PSS-SUPER "B" for poultry litter treatment and with PSS-70 for compost acceleration




Fog Master JR Small utility fogger for for those "in between" jobs -- too small for an industrial unit, too large for a trigger sprayer or pump-up.


 TRI-JET Fogger Is a "cold fogger" -- it handles both water- and oil-based solutions -- and has a one-turn control knob to adjust particle size and degree of misting.

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New Products



GENZYME BIO-BLOCK  is a solid, bacterial laden, Block for use in degrading organic waste in higher flow systems such as lift stations, wet wells, etc.



GENZYME BIO-BRICK™ is a solid, bacterial laden, Brick for use in degrading fat oil and grease in low flow systems such as septic tanks, grease traps, drains etc...

PSS Septic-Saver

PSS SEPTIC - SAVER  is a solid, bacterial, mild-detergent and enzyme block enclosed in an easy dispensing plastic jar that fits into the lavatory tank.  The unique block will gradually dissolve over a 120 day period which allows for continuous on-going treatment and degradation of waste. The naturally occurring bacteria and nutrients contained in the block are released which reduces odors, and  buildup while also “jump-starting dead-systems”. “You get a treatment every time you flush”.