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“PSS SEPTIC-SAVER”TM  is a solid, bacterial laden, slow dissolve block for use in degrading organic waste in septic systems. This unique block will safely and naturally reduce overall system build-up while keeping your bowl clean and water blue. The bacteria are present in high numbers to handle all your difficult organic problems. This product even degrades tissue paper.  The unique block will gradually dissolve over a 120 day period which allows for continuous on-going treatment and degradation of waste. The naturally occurring bacteria and nutrients contained in the block are released which reduces odors, and  buildup while also “jump-starting dead-systems”. “You get a treatment every time you flush”.



* Allows for 24 hour continuous treatment of waste, not just

   periodic dosage

* Contains powerful enzymatic action

* Reduces hydrogen sulfide & sludge buildup

* Easy to use \ Tints water blue

* Significantly reduces malodors

* Cost effective & reduces the need for pump-outs

* Extends septic system life

* Safe for pipes and plumbing

*Automates septic maintenance program

* Excellent toilet bowl cleaner


“PSS SEPTIC-SAVER”TM  gives round the clock waste

 degradation treatment with a simple, easy to use system. Simply place

 the jar at the bottom of the toilet holding tank as directed. The product will

dissolve over a 120 day period  providing optimal efficiency and treatment.


“PSS SEPTIC-SAVER”TM  Each is packed (plastic 3"w x 4"h) 24 jars per case.

 Septic-Saver is a patented product.

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